Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was walking home from a friends house tonight. There was a man about ten feet in front of me and a woman walking towards us. As she walked by he asked her how she was doing and as she passed he turned and stared at her.
I tell ya one thing, I could not be a woman in the times we live in now. Men seem to have absolutely no respect for women at all. It's not just the looking its the ogling.
Women are human beings and I think they should be able to walk down the fuckin sidewalk without being harassed.
If I was a woman I'd mace every fuckin last one of em. You stare at me for too long, you'll never look at anyone again.
Is that too much???


  1. I don't think I've ever heard a guy mention this before -- great post. It does get incredibly annoying sometimes.

  2. Thanks. I've always thought it was incredibly disrespectful but had no where to say it besides to my friends. Great to have this forum. Glad to try to help men see the error in their ways. Thanks for the comment

  3. LOL at "I'd mace every last one of them." Unfortunately, as a woman, I can say that it's an even deeper problem than just the ogling. Men make you feel guilty or like a bitch when you don't respond to their "hello"s or cat-calls or what have you. We're taught to be polite but it's hard enough to just stay safe. Plus, I'm pretty sure if I maced someone just for looking or cat-calling, I'd end up being the one to get arrested.

  4. Garrett..Excellent post. Women deserve respect. I always think a woman being heckled on the streeet could be my mother, my wofe or other female friends or co-workers. It as a man makes my blood boil. Furthermore, my dad told me he would kick my ass if he ever found out I disrespected a lady.

    I rememeber a few years back there was a lovely young woman who had a blog called "Don't be Silent" whose primary focus was street harrassment in DC. Unfortunately she shut it down, but I am glad you posted this.


  5. Teeny, I think you are right about who would get in trouble if someone got maced. I feel like it is intentionally menacing. They do not back down ever. It makes me enraged. Maybe it is up to us men to let other guys know that it is not acceptable. It would feel better to mace them, I think. LOL
    Gil I am glad that you told me there used to be a site dedicated to this issue. I am more then glad to take up this torch. My father not only told me to respect women but he showed me by the way he treated my mother. I have a story from McDonald's tonight I am about to post about. Thanks everyone for the positive comments.

  6. Thanks for posting this.

    It really grates my nerves that these types of men will make you feel guilty, as teeny said, if you don't respond and act all nice and friendly. Even men who don't do this but don't appreciate what a problem it is piss me off.

  7. Your welcome Valerie. I thought that I was alone in my anger at the lack of respect for women. I am glad to have gotten all of these responses. I fully intend to keep talking about this problem. We men have to start speaking up when we see this crap. I had a female client tell me today that a lot of women feel like there may be a consequence, as far as violence, if they don't respond at all or if they get nasty. That is totally unacceptable to me. We have to do something.


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