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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hell Must Be Freezin Over!

I never thought I'd agree with Councilman Barry on anything. To my surprise there have been two things in less then a year that he's done that I agree with completely. Hell MUST be freezin over!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Will It Take?

I just found out about the beating and death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of 6 police officers. There is an article and a video I will link and embed below. In the cell phone video from the scene you can here him screaming for his dad. Makes me so angry when I hear that. Makes me wanna cry at the same time.
We DEMAND that something be done about this. We DEMAND that these police officers names be made public. We demand that they ALL be tried for murder and if the state and government don't handle it I think we the people have to stand up and do something ourselves. What we should do I am not sure of. Rioting and destroying property isn't going to fix anything. Turning out in front of the police station daily until something is done.
I don't live in the area this happened in unfortunately. If I did I would be MORE then happy to turn out in front of the police station and pressure these people as much as is legally possible.
This is just another reason we need to make sure we record the police every chance we get. Even if it is for a minor traffic stop. They need to know that we, their bosses, are watching them and if they step out of line even a little bit there will be severe consequences.
WARNING: The images in this video and article are very graphic. 
Here's the link to the story.
And here's the video.

Warning To People Parking In DC

I believe the DC government purposely set up all these different types of parking meters to confuse people from out of town...and some from in town too.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cut Back Politicians Pay Before Furloughing Necessary City Employees

Typical politicians cut back the people who serve the citizens of Washington DC before they take a pay cut or cut back the size of their staffs. D I S G U S T I N G.

Iran and Women

Just saw this video on YouTube. It has GRAPHIC images but I feel we all need to see the truth of what goes on in the world. It is much harder to ignore the violence against women when we see the violence rather then just hearing or reading about it. Do not look away from the truth.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Changing the Tone

Just wondering where all the outrage is from the media over the hate spewed and the violence perpetrated by the union thugs in Wisconsin and the protests in other cities. The unions and their members are being shown for what they are. A bunch of thugs that are willing to spew hate and use violence and intimidation to get their way. They can call Wisconsin's governor a Nazi but if someone says it about Obama or liberals they are hateful and dangerous. The media is showing itself to be more biased then I thought it was. Wall to wall coverage of one tea party person with a hateful sign but no coverage of the hate filled shouting and signs carried by these thug union members and their supporters.
I hope people see this as clearly as I do.
Fucking hypocriters.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Metro Closing Early and Drunk Drivers

So Metro is supposed to stay open late because people have convinced themselves that if they go to a bar they MUST get smash face drunk? No drinking in moderation. MUST GET DRUNK! And  some people say if Metro can't afford to do that and has so many other problems maybe the Federal Government should take it over. Hmmmm...

President Interrupted

This idea that the President shouldn't be interrupted during an interview is ridiculous to me.